Company Secretarial

Banchee Legal House is a skillful law firm which provides legal guidance regarding any company secretarial services that you would need.

In face of the frequent change of laws and regulations concerning corporate and commercial law, having an experienced law firm like Banchee Legal House follow your company process would enable you not to make any mistakes of company management and be up to date with the legal requirements. You would not have to worry anymore about being in conformity with laws, as we will be here to accompany you and ensure that you are compliant with the Thai Civil and Commercial Code. 

We assist you as a company secretary, especially when you need legal guidance regarding changes of business, shareholders meetings, annual general meetings… We can also keep and manage the books and records from the company.

More widely, we take care of your business’s administrative duties, responsabilities to relieve from some workload so you focus more on the core of your company. Banchee Legal House is a proficient law firm which can handle all types of company secretarial services that your business needs.

With our experience, we are confident and stand by our words

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