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Outsourcing accounting service

Scope of service

Providing qualified accountant to register as an accountant of the company.

Providing advice for preparing receive voucher ,payment voucher, purchase voucher, sales voucher and journal voucher as well as other required documents for completeness of accounting entry.

Booking of receive, payment , purchase and sales transaction in each month and post to general ledger ,preparing trial balance and financial statement.(English and Thai version).

Preparing a monthly input and output vat report, and monthly filing PP.30 (VAT form) to revenue department.

Preparing a withholding tax form(PND.1 PND.3,53) and monthly filing.

Preparing a financial document and journal voucher to an auditor for year ended.

Collaborated with an auditor during auditing procedure.

Preparing and filing PND.51 form (Mid-year income tax)

Preparing and filing PND.50 form (annual income tax)

Preparing Sor Bor Chor 3 form for filing financial statement to DBD.

Tax consulting

Providing advice of tax issue for correctly and saving tax payment.

Providing advice of accounting procedure and tax included with related law.

In case of revenue department issue an appointment letter, we will be the representative for the meeting with revenue department officer. (Charge will be only for the transportation expense)

Outsourcing Payroll service

Preparing and filing monthly social security and PND.1

Declare to social security officer in case of employee apply or resign.

Collaborated with officer in case of required compensation for employee.

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