Family Law

As Banchee Legal House has a large practice in handling family cases, we can procure you with any legal advice in regard of your situation.

Banchee Legal House’s lawyers have in-depth experience in handling family cases.

We advise you in the process of your pre and post-nuptial agreements, marital assets management, as well as child adoption. We can also help you registering your marriage in Thailand, if it was celebrated first in another country. As consultants, we provide you legal advices in order for you make the choice that suit you the best and in any family matters that require a legal attention.

Our lawyers can also assist and defend you for your divorce or fight for your child custody in Court. As it exists numerous to get a divorce, we will guide you and find the best way to divorce for you. Banchee Legal House is very skilled in litigation and will make sure that the result of your cases is satisfactory in regard of your situation.

As our lawyers speak English fluently, we are proficient in giving legal advice to foreign clients and taking legal action overseas. We have indeed successfully dealt with lots of cases in which our clients were foreigners living in Thailand. 

With our experience, we are confident and stand by our words

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