Labor Law

Banchee Legal House is a proficient law firm that have in depth-experience in handling labor cases, whether you are employer or employee.

Labor law covers the relationships between the employer and its employees. Disputes can arise between the two and sometimes there is no other choice than going to Court to settle the matter. 

Banchee Legal House can assist you in both cases. Our services include, and are not limited to, termination of contract and other issues related to employment agreement, unfair and wrongful dismissal and work permits. Whether you are a Thai or foreign client, we handle cases in both situations, as our lawyers speak fluently Thai and English. Therefore, we defend you and your rights before the Court in case you face litigation with your employer or your employee.

Moreover, we also provide legal advices, as consultants, for instance if you want to know more about your social rights, how to handle collective bargainings with trade unions or else deciding the inner rules of the company.

More generally, Banchee Legal House helps you solve any matters related to the social process of your company, employee-employer relationships, union representative bodies-employer and any enquiry involving labor law.

With our experience, we are confident and stand by our words

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